Your Opportunity to Shape the Future of Transport GATEway DISCOVER HOW

Groundbreaking Research

In a world first, the GATEway Project invited the general public to take part in a driverless pod shuttle service trial around Greenwhich and share their opinion on the experience.

This website tells the story of that trial.

This research continues at Smart Mobility Living Lab.

Our mission

To understand how automated vehicles can fit into our future urban mobility needs and the barriers we must overcome before these vehicles become a reality on our roads.

What we did

We conducted a number of different trials to understand how people respond, engage with and accept automated vehicles and explored the potential impact this technology could have on our cities.

How it worked

Our GATEway driverless pods used a combination of sensors, cameras, lasers and software to safely navigate their way between leisure sites and residential locations around the Greenwich Peninsular.

Our Partners

We brought together a team of experts from leading technology companies and academic institutions to help us deliver a truly innovative and exciting project.

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