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Groundbreaking Research

Our mission

To understand how automated vehicles can fit into our future urban mobility needs and the barriers we must overcome before these vehicles become a reality on our roads.

What we’re doing

Conducting a number of different trials to understand how people respond, engage with and accept automated vehicles and exploring the potential impact this technology could have on our cities.

How it works

Our GATEway pods use a combination of sensors, cameras, lasers and software to safely navigate their way between leisure sites and residential locations around the Greenwich Peninsular.

Our Partners

We’ve brought together a team of experts from leading technology companies and academic institutions to help us deliver a truly innovative and exciting project.

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“As we explore the future of mobility solutions, it is essential that we consider the experience and benefits delivered to the consumer. This is why understanding and exploring the public perception to autonomous services has always been at the heart of the GATEway Project.”

Richard Cuerden, Academy Director at TRL

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