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By 3rd January 2017Blog

We believe that the Internet of Things is fundamentally going to change the way we live, work and play and automated vehicles will significantly disrupt and change the way we interact and engage with our transport systems. Cars are becoming computers on wheels and like any mobile computing device we need to make sure we transmit data in the most efficient and secure manner. Although having all vehicles fully automated is still some time away, we are seeing an ever increasing requirement for cameras and sensors within vehicles to be connected and we believe that communications and connectivity is critical to the success of autonomous vehicles.

Within the GATEway project we are looking at the role teleoperation will provide to improve mobility through connected transportation, empowering people to stay independent. Using a customised pre-configured version of the O2 CWAN digital IoT solution, we have tested an enterprise grade managed solution for remotely operating and recovering a Toyota Prius, an autonomous vehicle, safely and securely to demonstrate basic autonomy. As part of the design the system includes end-to-end encryption.

Through the GATEway project we want to understand how, through the right communication, we can improve the safety, passenger experience and engagement with these vehicles.

If we go further and consider an application on a smart phone instructing the car to self-park or to return to a given location, this too will depend on connectivity. This opens the door to a whole range of communications opportunities, but also creates disruptive business models and challenges that we need to better understand.

Ultimately it’s about the implications of the technology on society. We want to understand how automated vehicles will fit into our future urban mobility needs and the barriers that need to be overcome before these vehicles can become a reality on our roads. Also, when we can connect automated vehicles into a wider smart city environment, we can bring benefits of the efficiency, safety and reliability into our wider transport systems

It’s exciting for us as a technology company and we’re delighted to be part of the future and support UK Plc. Read more about our teleoperation work here.

Vinnett Taylor,

Head of IOT Specialists, O2