How you got involved

Thank You

 Over 5000 people registered to take part in this ground breaking research project trialling a driverless shuttle service on the Greenwich Peninsula

For information on the route taken by passengers riding in the pods please click here.

Sharing Your Thoughts

Understanding and exploring the public perception of driverless vehicles is what made the GATEway Project unique.

Everyone who took a ride in one of our vehicles was invited to complete a survey to tell us about their experience.

People didn’t need to have ridden in a pod to be involved though. People added their views about driverless vehicles on our Sentiment map, or took part in surveys.  You can see some of their comments on the map below.

“Research from the GATEway Project has helped advance the UK’s position in the autonomous vehicles revolution, but what makes it truly unique is its primary focus on people - exploring how we feel about using and sharing space with autonomous vehicles.”