GATEway: This is just the beginning.

The GATEway Project: This is just the beginning. Watch the new film.

23rd March 2018

GATEway meets Beast from the East

GATEway Meets the Beast from the East

28th February 2018

Nighttime Video

GATEway Night Time Video

22nd February 2018

CargoPod, demonstrating the UK’s first autonomous grocery deliveries around Greenwich.

28th June 2017


How teleoperation and autonomy can improve mobility for disabled drivers

3rd January 2017

GATEway shuttle trial: using automated shuttle vehicles for last mile transportation

1st October 2016

The GATEway Project: Introducing driverless vehicles to UK roads

19th April 2016

GATEway 3D Point Cloud of the Greenwich Peninsula

30th March 2016

GATEway 3D Point Cloud of the University of Greenwich

30th March 2016

Preparation for the GATEway trials begins

30th March 2016